Hamad & Ali

Sabah Commissioned Artwork
September 28, 2010, 1:33 pm
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It was so much fun working on this painting

from process to idea and even the people involved

(you call them clients) we call them friends

Even though commissioned artwork is very challenging when we try to fulfill the client’s desire, we enjoy developing the beautiful new friendship that takes even our painting to another level

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Asmahan comissioned artwork
September 26, 2010, 8:49 am
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Since we started a couple years ago we were mainly known for digital art work. In the past 24 months we have been experimenting with some new techniques to create mixed media art work.

This is the first commissioned art work that is created using acrylic, varnish, ink and print.

Our next collection will feature only mixed media paintings

Looking forward to seeing you there